Mandrill v0.7.0 Released

MandrillSince this is the first mention of Mandrill I’ve made on this blog, I should probably start with a brief description of what it is. As mentioned in README.md on GitHub, Mandrill is a..

Multi-user web front-end for managing a Munki repository.



Check the screen resolution from the command line.

About 2 years ago, Edward Marczak created screenrez. The goal was simply to offer a tool to OS X admins that would run on a remote client machine and report the screen resolution in use. Pretty handy, especially in scenarios where a projector is attached to the Mac in question.

The original version only supported one screen, which meant you were in good shape if the client machine’s displays were mirrored. I’ve just forked the project and added multiple screen support along with a little more detailed information, such as the screen’s device name.

You can download the tool here, or the package installer here. (Only tested on 10.8)