UUIDs, LDAP and FileVault 2

Many thanks to Rich Trouton and Greg Neagle for helping me figure out why case matters to OS X when dealing with UUIDs. Couldn’t have written it better myself!

Der Flounder

A little-known fact about FileVault 2 is that it uses the GeneratedUID user attribute (also known as a UUID) of an account to help identify enabled accounts. For example, when you run the fdesetup list command, you’ll see the user information appear with both the username and UUID information.


For local accounts, this isn’t an issue as the OS will properly generate a UUID for the local account. Active Directory also generally handles this correctly on Macs, so I haven’t seen UUID problems occur for AD mobile users.

Where I have heard of problems has been with non-Apple LDAP servers. If the LDAP server doesn’t provide the GeneratedUID user attribute for mobile LDAP accounts on Macs, or it does not provide the UUID in the way that FileVault 2 is expecting, you may see one or more of the following behaviors:

1. The LDAP account’s icon disappearing from…

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