Installing IPP Printers With iPrint

This one is for anyone out there using iPrint clients and servers from Novell to deliver print services. Did you know the iPrint client (at least as of iPrint v5.0.0 as best I can tell) includes a command line utility called iprntcmd? Well, it does. And it comes so close to being truly useful. It will allow you to add and remove printers given nothing more than an ipp:// url, but alas, there is no functionality baked in to allow modification of a printer once it’s installed. What modifications am I looking for you ask? Well, ideally I’d be able to use this tool to install a printer and turn on duplexing by default. I know, I know, this should be done in the PPD stored on the server, but it’s just nice to have some flexibility, you know? On to business:

The commands are quite simple:

Adding a printer

iprntcmd --addprinter ipp://

Listing Local Printers

iprntcmd --listlocalprinters

Listing Printers on a Server

iprntcmd --listprintersonserver
// Note the lack of "ipp://" here

Removing a printer

iprntcmd --delprinter ipp://


  1. Rather than using iprntcmd you could use the CUPS lpadmin command to install an iPrint printer. The lpadmin command allows for the kind of printer installation customization you are looking for. Install iPrint client first: then something like this should work:

    -p “{iPrint name}”\
    -D “{iPrint name}”\
    -L “{Printer Information/Comments}”\
    -E -v “iprint://{server address}/ipp/{iPrint name}?type=ipp”\
    -P {path to local location for printer ppd}\
    -o printer-is-shared=false

    I’ve never tried customizing the printer options but do know it is possible. The customized options would be added to the above command.

    1. You’re absolutely correct. But our goal was to utilize the iPrint client so we could move most of our customization to the server. Both tools are valid, and I’d vote for lp• tools for reliability and scalability any day, but for simplicity, iPrint/iPrint server does indeed simplify the process of deploying printers to hundreds of clients with hundreds of different printing needs 😉

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